Terms of service
Terms of
  1. These Terms of Service constitute the agreement and applicable regulations between you and Football Legends governing your use of the services and participation in the Football Legends game.
  2. By using Zedraw's services, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms of use and privacy policies we provide.
  3. Zedraw provides a variety of services; additional terms might be applied and required for each one. If you continue to use those services, those additional terms become part of your agreement with Zedraw.
  4. Zedraw is the sole provider of Football Legends services. We will not accept liability for any problems, transactions, or disputes that you may have with other customers or third parties.
  1. Terms of Service refer to Football Legends' terms of service agreement and amendments or additions made from time to time.
  2. Football Legends is a blockchain gaming product developed and published by Zedraw. It is an NFT game with a Play-to-Earn mechanism. At the moment, this is the only NFT game we have.
  3. Account refers to the Wallet (specifically MetaMask) used to log in to Football Legends.
  1. You are solely responsible for the maintenance and security of your account if you use a Wallet, specifically MetaMask, to participate in the game. Please exercise caution when disclosing your Wallet security information to others.
  2. You are fully responsible for all Wallet activities, including taking reasonable precautions to secure your account.
  3. Zedraw has the right to implement technical measures for infringing content limitations and warnings to ensure the terms of use, including the deletion of prohibited content without prior notice.
  4. In the event of a violation of these terms of service, particularly prohibited behavior, Zedraw reserves the right to lock your account and cease providing you with services without compensation or liability.
When using the Services, the following acts are prohibited (including acts and preparatory acts for the induction of the following acts):
  1. Interfering with the operation of Football Legends' server system, infiltrating it, or attempting to gain unauthorized access to it. system.
  2. Taking advantage of security flaws and game bugs in order to profit and exploit resources in Football Legends.
  3. Using cheat tools or other software to interfere with and intentionally change the designated Football Legends content.
  1. Zedraw is dedicated to providing services within the scope of your professional qualifications and with the reasonable care required by law.
  2. Zedraw implements the technical measures that we consider necessary to support you in using services and playing Football Legends. We will take all necessary steps to correct the situation within a reasonable time frame in rare cases of interruption. In such cases, you agree to release us from all related liability.
  3. Our top priority is the protection of account information and data. If our system is unexpectedly under attack and your data is exposed, we will take immediate action to mitigate the resulting impact. In such cases, you agree to absolve us of any and all liability in this regard.
  4. Without prior notice, Zedraw reserves the right to modify (change, adjust, add, delete, etc.) all features and parameters of the product that the company manages and operates. By playing Football Legends or using Zedraw's services, you are deemed to have accepted the provisions relating to this right to adjust and change.
  1. We will provide support for all Football Legends game-related issues via the official channels listed on the homepage.
  2. Please keep in mind that we will never request a security seed phrase from you (12-word security code). All requests for that information are bogus, and we will bear no responsibility if you share it with others.
  1. You agree that Zedraw has the right to amend or supplement any or all of the provisions of these Terms of Service without your prior consent. If you do not agree with any amendments or supplements, you have the right to stop using the services and participating in the game before they go into effect. You have agreed to those amendments and supplements if you continue to use our services or play our game.
  2. These Terms of Service go into effect the moment you participate in Football Legends and use the other services we provide.
Founded in 2022, Football Legends is being developed by Zedraw, a youthful indie game studio. Zedraw has been a haven of talents who put their hearts and souls into creating the most intriguing games. The team devotes intellection and creativity to projects and consider them as exciting challenges achieved with enthusiasm, persistence, and earnestness.